Water Ski

This is an extremely fun club open to all skill levels. We have students that learn how to ski with us and kids that are already great skiers. As a team we compete in 3 event ski tournaments which include slalom, trick, and jump. We are apart of the National Collegiate Water Ski Association (NCWSA), in the Midwest Region. Our club is very fortunate to have a phenomenal private lake that we are allowed to ski at along with an 14 Mastercraft Prostar. Dream Lakes is located 15 minutes south of Ames on Duff Ave. Dream Lakes has 2 slalom courses and a jump. Check out our photos !!
If this sounds interesting to you, join the group, write on the wall, or even send our President Erin Vespested at erinv@iastate.edu
Other links to check out MCWSA.com and NCWSA.com



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