Kendo, meaning “the way of the sword”; is an armed Japanese martial art that is derived from ancient samurai swordsmanship (kenjutsu). Kendo uses bamboo practice swords called shinai and protective armor called bogu in vigorous training to build physical skills, sharpen mental focus, and develop discipline in one’s own character. The Kendo Club practices under the guidelines of the All United States Kendo Federation and is a member of the Midwest Kendo Federation. We practice to improve our knowledge in Kendo, cultivate discipline in our lives, and to create lasting friendship through training and competition.

We meet weekly on Monday’s and Wednesdays from 7- 9 p.m in Forker 202W. As a student organization, our practices are lead by the head instructor of the club, and you will train with a dojo of your peers. We teach the kihon basics of Kendo with the soul of kenshi and sword at its core. From how to stand, move, “speak”, and strike to learning about your inner self we will aid you in your journey through the martial art.

We will host (and travel to) seminars within the region held and taught by sensei’s of different dojos with 4th Dan and above rank holders. The mission of this is to learn the different ways of executing an exercise, incorporating it into your own kendo, and to continue holding communicable bonds with other dojos.

You must attend 80% or more of club practices each semester to maintain membership status.



  • Beginner's Practice

    7:00 PM at 202W/Forker We will be practicing kihon (basics) with lessons in dojo etiquette. Advance members can also participate and are strongly encouraged to attend this section. Basics will include: Suburi - empty swing Ashi Sabaki - foot work Shinai basics and drills All points of class will be done out of bogu (armor).

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